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AVG Admin (Remote Administration)

Central administration via the AVG Admin tool allows the network administrator to remotely install, update, and configure AVG across the computer network.

AVG Admin (Remote Administration) comes free with the following products:

  • AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition
  • AVG Internet Security Business Edition
  • AVG File Server Edition
  • AVG Email Server Edition (However, Email server add-ons are not managed by AVG Admin.

Automatically apply changes across your whole network

Thanks to direct integration with Active Directory and other LDAP services, policy tweaks to group or individual policies are automatically applied to every machine within that policy.

Prevent viruses from other networks spreading to your business

As soon as a computer connects to your network, it is checked for viruses and the protection is updated.

If an infection is found, AVG cleans the computer. If no protection is present, the computer will be flagged as non-compliant. The latest endpoint protection can then be automatically deployed and configured in line with the relevant policies for that user.

Monitor your whole network with our improved reporting tools

Our reporting tools allow you to easily monitor and optimize your business protection.

Our improved graphical reports let you view performance statistics and make improvements to your protection policies. You can view reports for your whole business, or create reports for specific computers and servers.

Automatically scan your network for viruses

Rest assured about keeping your network clean, thanks to the automatic scanning.

You can schedule regular automatic scans of individual computers, groups, or your entire network. Alternatively you can manually schedule a scan for a more hands on approach.

Install protection on a remote computer

Thanks to AVG’s Network Installer, you can remotely install protection on any computer that’s on your network, and monitor the installation.

Spend less time managing your security, more time on your business

Focus on improving your business by using one of the fastest to manage security products on the market.

AVG is rated as one of the fastest network security products on the market by the experts at Tolly. Our easy-to-use console lets you manage your network security with just a few clicks and schedule a scan or clean a remote computer in less than a minute

AVG’s Admin widget is a simple tool that sits on your desktop. It immediately alerts you if there are any non-compliant machines and lets you take action with just a couple of clicks

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