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How Purchase Online

All AVG products can be downloaded here.

(A FREE 30 day trial with full technical support is also available for download)

To activate your trial version or expired product, you need a license key, which can be purchased from this website.

Please read our: Terms and Conditions and Returns and Refund Policy.

Buying from AVG, Step-by-Step :

Note for AVG Resellers: You must login at the Reseller Centre to gain access to special pricing.

From the website (www.avgsa.co.za) select the product you wish to purchase.

(They are all listed on the home page and down the left hand side of the screen.)

From the product page, select the size of the license and whether you want the 1 or 2 year license.

(Prices are shown. You will find that the 2 year license is more cost effective)

Click "Add to Shopping Cart"

Your product will then appear in the shopping cart at the top right of the screen.

(You can keep adding other products to the basket as you need.)

(You can also "Empty" the cart if you made a mistake - click "Empty Cart" - next to the "Checkout" button)

Click the "Checkout" button

(At the top right of the screen at the bottom of the items in your Shopping Cart)

The next screen lets you complete the details required for your Tax Invoice as well as who the product(s) must be registered to.

On this Checkout screen you can:

  • add an installation CD if you like (but it is not a requirement - because AVG can be downloaded for free)
  • update the quantity of any of the products in your cart. (Change the "Quantity" and click the "Update Cart" button)
  • and select your "Payment Method"

Your "Payment Method" choices are:

  1. Offline payment (i.e. by electronic fund transfer (EFT) or bank deposit.)
    In this case we send you a Tax Invoice and you make payment into our bank account at your convenience.
    Your license key(s) will be sent instantly once proof of payment has been received.
  2. Online payment (i.e. by Credit Card (MasterCard/Visa).
    In this case you will be directed to a secure site to submit your credit card details.

Click the "Process Order" button to continue.Your license key will typically be emailed to you within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

If you encounter any problems or have any queries, please Contact Us.
We are happy to help.

Thank you for supporting AVG Software.


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