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About the latest Updates


  • HMA! Pro VPN for desktop now offers individual connection modes that automatically configure the VPN connection for the user’s goal
  • All modes locate the fastest server available from HMA!’s vast VPN network
  • Instant mode offers quick and easy set-up; location mode browsing from over 190 countries and more than 900 servers; freedom mode is for bypassing oppressive censorship laws

Hide My Ass! (HMA!) today launches a new version of its Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Developed to encourage those who have never used or considered using a VPN to control how and when they share personal data online, HMA! Pro VPN v3 offers a streamlined, friendlier interface, to do one thing: make using a VPN as simple as possible.

HMA! Pro VPN v3 users can now choose one of three easy-to-use connection modes, to fit their specific needs:


  • This mode lets users secure their connection with a single button swipe, at home or on public WiFi. As with every connection mode, HMA! speed testing technology connects users to the fastest available server in their location.
  • Instant mode is the best option for casual users who want secure internet access with minimal fuss—for example, when using WiFi at a café.


  • This lets users surf the net like locals, wherever they are in the world, by choosing from one of over 190 countries. Location mode is ideal for users who want to maintain secure access to the favourite sites they normally use from home, bypassing geo-restrictions whilst travelling abroad. It also allows users to change their IP address to access their favourite websites in other locations.


  • This progressive mode aims to give voice to those living under or—as are journalists—working in censorship regimes. Freedom mode lets users connect to the fastest available server in the closest country identified by HMA! as safe and pro-free speech.
  • “Here at Hide My Ass! we firmly believe that absolutely everyone has the right to safe, secure and uncensored internet access, regardless of their age, location, or degree of tech-savvy,” said Danvers Bailleu, COO at HMA! “Our newest version is testament to this belief, providing a VPN service that is uniquely accessible and easy to use. We create products for VPN users who simply want the best connection, whether they are avoiding censorship or just want enhanced security and privacy without having to think about choosing a server. In today’s digital world, fraught with snooping companies, governments and hackers, the need for VPNs has never been greater. This new version brings the myriad benefits of a secure, private and free web to a much wider audience.”
  • HMA! offers market-leading coverage, with well over 900 servers in more than 350 locations offering more than 100,000 IP address choices. The new version is also one of the only VPNs on the market to offer multiple languages. v3 is available in French, Italian, German, Spanish and—vital, considering current restrictions that make access to freedom mode all the more important—Turkish. Users will also benefit from 24/7 technical support from HMA!’s dedicated customer service team. The HMA! team is even on hand to guide users through setting up a VPN on their home router, to protect their household from Internet of Things-related hacking

Top three reasons to use VPN

Encrypt what you do online


Bank-grade encryption helps stop others from spying on you.

Secure your Wi-Fi


Safely go online at any coffee shop, airport, or park.

Visit websites in other locations


Disguise your location to access sites around the world.

How does HMA! Pro VPN work?

number-1-in-green-circle-50x50    Just Click

hma-pro-vpn-ui-showing-step-1-of-connecting-to-server-200x200  A single click turns on the VPN and encrypts your connection.

number-2-in-green-circle-50x50   Connect

hma-pro-vpn-ui-showing-step-2-of-connecting-to-server-200x200 Connect to one of 125,000+ global IP addresses to hide your real location.

number-3-in-green-circle-50x50  And go!

ui-hma-pro-vpn-instructions-step-3-devices-200x200  Enjoy privacy online—whatever you do, whichever app you use.


Free technical support

Whenever you need help, day or night, we’re there.

Our expert support team is always just a free call away day or night, free of charge, 365 days a year.

FREE Technical Support Options:

Easy-to-action advice and alerts

Detects performance problems or opportunities which you can action via the super-easy interface.


  • AVG Advisor: Responds to performance issues with recommendations on how to speed your browsing. Alerts you to apps that take a lot of bandwidth and memory giving you the option of shutting them down.
  • Easy Interface: Our new improved interface is designed to make AVG 2014 the easiest possible protection – all part of our promise to give you great products that ask less of you. Fully compatible with Windows® 8.
  • AVG Auto-Fix: Detects and alerts you to any security risk, providing a simple one-click Auto-Fix button that automatically fixes the problem and resets the system to the best protection mode.
  • AVG Auto-Updates: As we constantly innovate and evolve our protection technology, we’ll make sure you’re automatically updated to maintain top level defense levels.

Operating Systems

AVG Protection is compatible with:

Operating System Hide My Ass VPN
MS Windows 7
MS Windows 7 x64 Edition
MS Windows 8 x32 Edition
MS Windows 8 x64 Edition
MS Windows 10 x32 Edition
MS Windows 10 x64 Edition
iOs 8.0+
Android 4.0+
Mac OS 10.7+
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