Downloading AVG with a Download Manager

If are having problems downloading the AVG Installation file or if after downloading, you encounter a message such as “Installation file corrupt” when you try to install, it means that the installation file did not download completely.

The problem with browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and others is that when a download was unsuccessful, you have no choice but to try the download again from scratch. If you have an unreliable or slow Internet connection this could be problematic and frustrating.

You may want to consider using a Download Manager which is software that was written specifically to overcome this exact problem. A download manager can be very useful, not only to get your AVG download, but for all other files you download from the Internet as well. There are many out there, most of them free. Popular ones are GetRight, FlashGet, Go!Zilla and Download Accelerator, but my favourite is “Free Download Manager (FDM)” which you can get from The Lite Version is only 2MB to download and it’s very easy to use.

This free program lets you resume a download if it was interrupted or if you lost connection. It is not an AVG product, so we don’t offer technical support for it, but it is very easy to use.

Once you’ve installed it, go back to the AVG website downloads page and click the file you want to download again.

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