How to Show/ Copy your licence number

  • Run AVG (start -> all programs -> AVG 2011 -> User interface). 
  • Double-click the License component. 
  • Your AVG License Number is shown in the middle section of the screen in AVG.
  • Click with your mouse on the AVG License Number and from the context menu select Copy license number option to store the AVG License Number to the clipboard.
  • Then enter the number into the text field using CTRL+V shortcut, or right-click into the text filed and select Paste.

Displaying the AVG licence

Note: In case of rewriting this license number manually, please be careful to not confuse “1” (one) and “I” (India), we don’t use “1” – its always “I” for India , “5” (five) and “S” (Sierra), “8” (eight) and “B” (Bravo).
Either “0” (zero) and “O” (Oscar) can both be used.

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