Virus/Malware Infection

If you are infected if a virus/malware, please follow the next few steps:

Please send us an export of the Autoruns tool the following way:

– Download the Autoruns utility from this web page (use the “Download Autoruns and Autorunsc” link which is located at the end of the page):

– Locate the downloaded file and extract it’s content.

– Find the file “Autoruns” and double click on it. Press Agree and wait for it to finish the Scan

– Once the scan is complete click Options and check “Verify Signature Codes”

– After that click File -> Save as.
– Save the file and send it to us for analysis.

Please provide us with the Gmer tool scan result:

1) Download the Gmer tool from this page:


2) Rename the Gmer tool once downloaded:

– Save the archive to your disc and extract it.

– Once extracted, rename the “Gmer.exe” to “Tool.exe”.

– Run the “Tool.exe” file.

– In the right bottom corner click the “Scan” button.

– Wait until the scan is complete and click on the “Save…” button to save the result.

– Please send us the result in an attachment of your reply.

Please, note that you might have to download the above utilities on another computer and carry them over to the infected one with some portable media (USB flash drive, etc).

If running those utilities poses a challenge, please right click on the file, select “Run As…” and choose another user – Administrator user should always be there. You can also create another user, log as such and run the files under that account.

Send the requested files to then we will get back to you with further instructions


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